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Episode 38: First Times

This week on Babies in Handcuffs we talk about a few first times, like the first time we saw boobs! This episode also features the first instalment of “Wombies”, so whether it’s your first time or your 39th time listening to the show, tune in!

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We’re back from a long and unexpected hiatus! The nerds that run our podcast network fell behind on their hosting bills, no joke.

Episode 35: Guilty Consciences

Guilty Consciences: This week on Babies in Handcuffs we talk about our guilty consciences and we get a few things off our chest.

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Episode 34: Life, Death & God

This week on Babies in Handcuffs we tackle some of the big philosophical questions, as well as pubic hair grooming. Featuring Steven Patrick Adams.

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Episode 30 - Just The Bits

Re-run Rennie and Andyboy spin your favourite Babies in Handcuffs moments from throughout the year. With weather on the 2s and 4s and traffic with Chopper Chad! Keep it locked!

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Drinking: This week on Babies in Handcuffs we talk about drinking! We decided to drink - a lot - while recording it, and that turned out to be a bad idea. Listen as we try out our terrible impressions, recall our first drinks and eventually succumb to the inevitable effects of our bad decisions.

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Episode 28 - Stress: This week on Babies in Handcuffs we’re talking about stress. In the process wee take a journey deep into Andrew Bondy’s brain, talk about yoga boners, and risk alienating all of our Nicaraguan listeners.

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Episode 27 - Bodies

This episode we’re joined by a very special guest: BodyBreak’s Hal Johnson! We talk about health, our bodies, and what we do and don’t do to keep ourselves at our best. We bring back Just The Tips to give you great ideas for staying healthy, and we talk about poop nearly the entire time.

Keep Fit and Have Fun!

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Episode 24 - Heroes

This week on Babies in Handcuffs: We talk about heroes - who are our heroes, and what constitutes a hero in the first place? Predictably, we talk about dads again. Featuring special guest Melody Krauze.

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